Day Support Program

Center-based and community-integration opportunities that foster the development of both daily living and “soft” skills.

Day Support

In January of 2016, Linden Resources implemented two Day Support Programs: “Integrated Day Support” and “Career Transition Day Support.” While Linden Resources has historically been focused on employment, the organization understand the need for additional options, especially those for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who desire to participate in a non-residential, non-employment program. Additionally, we continue to research and evaluate various program models, all to ensure the most successful and impactful program development.

Program Overview

Integrated Day Support is an alternative option to employment and has been designed for individuals who have elected to participate in meaningful, non-employment based day activities.  This program focuses on providing educational trainings along with community integration activities and recreation opportunities.  Linden Resources provides individuals in this program at least two community integration opportunities per week.  This program can be currently viewed as habilitation day support services through current service definitions.

Quality and Program Oversight 

Linden Staff have developed admission and retention criteria to guide the administrative and operational logistics associated with starting these new programs.  We continue to solicit feedback from individuals served, and will conduct ongoing evaluations to ensure individual and program needs are being met while developing appropriate curriculum.   Additionally, we are researching and evaluating various program models and visiting other providers, all to ensure the most successful and impactful program development.

As a leader in providing employment support services to individuals with disabilities, Linden Resources acknowledges the need to proactively develop services based on a changing and evolving service landscape.  For over 55 years, Linden Resources’ has demonstrated exceptional service delivery and successful outcomes in working with individuals with disabilities within the employment support services field.  Linden’s Day Support Programs will further enhance Linden’s ability to provide exceptional services that meet the needs and preferences of individuals served.

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If you or a family member are interested in learning more about our day support programs, please contact our program director, Michelle, for more information at

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