Individual Supported Employment

Linden Resource’s Individual Supported Employment Program is based on the employment first philosophy— employment is the first priority and preferred outcome of people with disabilities

Individual Supported Employment

The goal of the program is to help individuals prepare for, obtain and keep permanent paid employment in their desired career field. The services provided are aligned with the person-centered planning tenets which focus on the individual’s interests, preferences, skills, and abilities.

Program Overview

Individuals are expected to be active participants in their service development and implementation of their specialized employment plan. Career Development Plans provide a tool that the individual and workforce specialist develop together to ensure person-centered goal planning and define related objectives for achieving the employment goals.

Linden provides support through the following:

  • situational assessment;
  • work-related skill training;
  • job development and placement;
  • on-the-job training;
  • orientation to the work site; monitoring of work performance and follow-up visits;
  • development of an annual individual service plan (ISP);
  • creation of a career development plan;
  • training in safety/travel;
  • employer education and development of natural supports in the workplace;
  • development and enhancement of appropriate work habits and behaviors;
  • employment related support services to the individual’s family and employer; and
  • career and contingency planning;
  • Work Incentive Specialist Advocate services.

While the program’s administrative center is located at Linden’s Headquarters facility (750 S. 23rd Street, Arlington VA), Workforce Solutions staff will meet with individuals in the community setting most appropriately dictated by the individual’s career development plan (e.g. employer businesses; Workforce Career Centers; local libraries; or other locations convenient, accessible, and within the individuals desired geographic employment area, etc).

Youth Transition Services

To meet the needs of high school and other secondary school students, the Workforce Solutions Program provides CARF-accredited Transition Services. These services include opportunities for high school students with disabilities, including community-based situational assessments; job development and placement services; and school-to-work programs.

Contact Us

Individuals can qualify for Linden’s supported employment services through referrals from local vocational rehabilitation agencies; county Community Service Boards; and through private pay options for those not eligible for public funded services. Think you’re a fit for Linden’s Individual Supported Employment services? Contact our workforce specialists Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm (excluding federal holidays) at 703.299.3205

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