Fathers Forward

An in-depth and supportive program for fathers in the metro-DC area looking to cultivate their parenting skills and increase their economic stability.

Fathers Forward

The Fathers Forward initiative is a comprehensive program, developed through a partnership between Linden Resources and Granato Counseling Services. The goal of the program is to enhance the father-child relationship by providing educational and employment services to fathers, stepfathers, or father-figures with dependent children up to 24 years of age. The end goal for fathers in the program is to increase the father’s economic stability to ultimately strengthen the whole family unit.


Program participants will go through a series of trainings including: responsible parenting education trainings and healthy marriage/relationship trainings to help implement effective parenting techniques and to enhance communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills. Upon completion of the curriculum, participants will be referred to the employment services component, which will help individuals obtain and maintain employment and increase opportunities for career advancement.

Linden Resources is proud to provide employment support for fathers who qualify for the Fathers Forward program. Following completion of our program curriculum, we can help you find a job or increase your earning potential in fields you express interest. See our Program Overview to learn more about the program and how to get involved.

Program Overview

The Father’s Forward program includes a 12 hour curriculum focused on

  • Responsible parenting education training

    • Help implementing effective parenting techniques, and engaging and nurturing the child

  • Healthy marriage and relationship training

    • Help enhancing communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills

Following completion of the 12 hour curriculum, participants are entered into our employment program focused on economic stability and mobility services. We will assist you in obtaining and maintaining employment.

Who qualifies for Fathers Forward?

Low income fathers who are underemployed or unemployed with dependent children up to 24 years of age. We welcome biological fathers, expectant fathers, stepfathers, and father figures (grandfathers and foster fathers).

Contact Us 

Father’s Forward will kick off with its first class of participants in late Spring 2016. If you are interested in joining our program or you are a part of an organization that supports fathers qualified for these services, please email info@linden.org for more information.

*Funding for this project was provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and
Families, Grant: #90FK0063-01-00. These services are available to all eligible persons, regardless of race, gender, age, disability, or religion.

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