Linden Resources’ Staffing can provide custom solutions including Custodial Work, Mailroom Operations, Administrative Services, Supply Chain Solution Management, Warehousing & Distribution, Literature & Product Fulfillment, Kitting & Hand Assembly, Packaging & Shipping..


Linden Resources is an employment solutions provider for the Federal government and industry and possesses over thirty years of experience in federal contracting under the AbilityOne program. Our proven staffing methods provide federal and commercial customers with qualified employees, many of whom are veterans and Wounded Warriors in our Vets Ready2Work program.

Linden Resources currently provides staffing needs to five government customers and six commercial customers at separate locations. Linden Resources’ experienced team provides excellent customer service and seamless, efficient, cost effective employment solutions for your organization.

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We are always looking for interested community partners and businesses to help us in our mission to support veterans and Wounded Warriors. Click here to see how you can hire a veteran today!



Linden Resources Staffing has proven core competencies in:

  • Custodial Solutions
  • Mailroom Operations
  • Administrative Services
  • Supply Chain Solution Management
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Literature and Product Fulfillment
  • Kitting and Hand Assembly
  • Packaging and Shipping

Government Contractors 


Total Facility Management

Linden Resources possesses successful past performance in Total Facility Management. Linden Resources consistently exceeds customer satisfaction, performance standards, standards of operating procedures, quality assurance, and flexibility to meet changing requirements.

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