Contact Centers

Linden Resources offers cost effective staffing and management for inbound/outbound communication.

Contact Centers

Linden has been providing successful solutions for government contracts for over thirty years. Linden Resources provides deliverables to government contracting officer’s representatives, which includes but is not limited to 4 monthly reports that track trends, inquiry requests, and data analysis.

Our quality assurance process monitors performances to insure that our agents provide excellent customer services that has resulted in 14 consecutive 100% performance Awards. Our call center management team constantly reviews data and conducts training towards enhancing and streamlining operations.

Linden Resources maintains past performance with commercial and federal government customers, maintaining a 98% satisfaction rate.



“Linda Chandler and the staff at Linden Resources are passionate about empowering people with disabilities to live to their fullest potential and obtain great jobs. I am pleased to work with such strong advocates for community workforce diversity through employment.”

—John Kemp, CEO of ACCSES